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We are content creators, dreamers, artists and collaborators that strive to make things that people want to watch. That may sound obvious, but have you paid attention lately? In a landscape where research, data and - gasp - AI drive content, we want to bring the artistry - and, dare we say, humanity - back into the equation. 

Curious what we do? Scroll down using your track pad, mouse, finger, or retinal scanner. You do you. We won't judge your use of technology. Unless you are using AI to write your next epic screenplay...


A common human virus lies dormant, ready to be mutated by a malevolent alien species and triggered by the trauma of our worst fears and nightmares. Can the crew of the USS Vostok stop the invasion before their minds are destroyed and Earth is invaded?


Screenplay by Michael Medaglia and Larry Starke

Director Michael Medaglia (view proof of concept)

Producer Jacqueline Gault

Genre: Feature, Sci-Fi Thriller

On a return trip from a completed mission, five astronauts endure the long journey back to Earth in suspended animation tanks. To occupy their minds during stasis, they inhabit MEM, a virtual reality simulator that creates immersive shared experiences out of their individual memories. They take turns re-living each other’s fondest memories from their life on Earth.


But the ship’s doctor, Mara, can’t let go of a traumatic memory that she would do anything to change.


When one crew member falls mysteriously ill, the crew panics: it is impossible to get sick in MEM. Their fear turns to terror when he becomes violent and tries to kill one of them. They realize he has been infected with a virus and must restrain him, but as they enter the next MEM sequence, another crew member becomes infected and intent on violence. One by one, as each crew member enters their MEM sequence, their otherwise happy memories end in tragedy, triggering the virus to activate in that crew member.


The final two crew members are in a race against time to stop the virus from infecting them all. The uninfected must convince the ship’s AI that the nearly undetectable infection is a risk to humanity, while the infected are making a strong case that the uninfected are trying to kill them. The outcome will determine the fate of humanity.

Tess One Sheet 2019.png


A Lively Edisonade Concerning Time Travel and the End of the World




Story by Jacqueline Gault & Larry Starke

Teleplay by Larry Starke

Genre: Episodic, 60-minute family sci-fi

The Universe is collapsing and only she can save it.

TESS THE INVENTOR is a time travel action series for families, featuring a brilliant young female protagonist. A thrilling adventure with sci-fi concepts and skewed historical figures that serves as an inspiration for young girls to pursue their dreams.

Tess is a 12-year-old Victorian genius - an orphan with no memory of who she is or where she came from.


With the help of her mentor, Nikola Tesla, she invents a machine designed to open a portal to visit alternative realities, and find the source of all knowledge in the Universe. But when Tess activates the device prematurely, it malfunctions, transporting her to a dangerous futuristic world.


Tess finds out that her invention didn’t just create a new alternate reality, but instead caused every alternate reality to collide. It’s no longer simply a matter of finding her way back home; Tess is in a race against the imminent collapse of time and space.


Alongside her new robot friend, Electric Bob, Tess will put her ingenuity and Nikola Tesla-inspired gadgets to the test in her search for her parents and the solution for the catastrophe she herself has sparked.

Stacking Doll Poster.png


A love story that challenges the notion of unconditional love. Can you love the parts of someone that they themselves find unlovable? Can you embrace the ugliest, darkest depths of their own worst nightmares?



Based on the Novella "Stacking Doll" by Carlton Mellick III

Screenplay Adapted by Larry Starke

Director Michael Medaglia (view director's reel)

Producer Jacqueline Gault

Genre: Feature, Horror-Romance

Based on the novella by acclaimed bizarro fiction author Carlton Mellick III, Stacking Doll is a twisted love story about a young man, Benjamin Hammond, who is in love with a Russian nesting doll. But in this world, nesting dolls are not just antique wooden toys. They are a race of people known as Matryoshkans, a subspecies of humans who are born with a very peculiar abnormality—they have a collection of smaller people living inside of them.

Benjamin never thought he’d fall in love with anyone, let alone a Matryoshkan, but from the moment he met Ynaria he knew she was the only one for him. Although relationships between humans and Matryoshkans are practically unheard of, the two are determined to get married despite objections from their friends and family. After meeting Ynaria’s strict conservative parents, it becomes clear to Benjamin that the only way they will approve of their union is if they undergo The Trial—a Matryoshkan wedding tradition where couples lock themselves in a house for several days in order to introduce each other to all of the people living inside of them.

No human has ever gone through The Trial before, so Benjamin has no idea what’s in store for him. He assumes that he’ll love each of Ynaria’s inner selves just as much as he loves her, but as she peels off her layers he realizes that each one is more neurotic and difficult to deal with than the last. And if they’re ever going to be together, Benjamin must fall in love with each and every one of his fiancé’s inner personalities, no matter how strange or disturbing they turn out to be.



Loosely based on the stranger-than-fiction account of Claude des Armoises, who exploited her resemblance to Joan d’Arc to eat and drink her way across the French countryside for free. That is, until the King found out...




Screenplay by Larry Starke

Genre: Feature, Satire Disguised as Historical Fiction

France, Spring 1436. Five Years after Those Cowardly English Dogs(!) murdered Joan d'Arc. A woman, CLAUDE, 20's, wearing a tattered uniform and bedraggled armor trudges into a town full of people desperate for good news, and is immediately mistaken for Joan d'Arc returned from the dead - she protests, but it doesn't help that she has a scar on her forehead and no memory of the last five years. The townsfolk heap food, drink, and gifts onto Claude and send her on to the next town - where the ritual is repeated, and repeated again in every village on the road north, until she arrives at Metz where two of Joan's brothers show up to denounce her. Except they don't. They confirm her as their sister and begin a 6-month tour of Northern France, living off the good will of the people Joan inspired.

Finally arriving in Orleans, a Duchess hires "Joan" to lead a mercenary army to Cologne to influence the election of a new Bishop in the Duchess' favor. In Cologne, Claude meets Robert d'Armoises, a French Knight loaned to the city by King Charles of France - the same King that Joan helped put on the throne. When the local church officials decide to burn "Joan" again, Robert helps Claude escape. But when Claude gets back to the Duchess, she's told that King Charles would like to have a word with her in Paris. Claude and Robert meet the King and Claude throws herself on his mercy. Feeling guilty about not being able to save the real Joan, King Charles tasks Claude with retrieving Joan's ring from the Bishop of Lisieux, who stole it from Joan before she was burned. Claude and Robert retrieve the ring - after burning down a castle, escaping from a dungeon, and fighting a gang of Black Knights - and return to Paris.


Claude removes the ring from her hand and gives it to the King, who allows her and Robert to leave in peace. As they're leaving, the King remarks to his Steward that the ring fit Claude's finger perfectly. Claude and Robert marry, have kids, and live happily ever after in their castle. For the remainder of her life, Claude used the titles King Charles bestowed on Joan d'Arc... and the King never said a thing about it.

What We Do


We identify projects, stories and IP with a unique and interesting spin and then develop those projects to pitch to production companies, financiers and distributors. Basically anyone who will take our call.


Script editing & story analysis

When you work with The Gault Shop, you get thorough notes and analysis on the project as well as actionable feedback that will make your script market-ready. We pride ourselves on our impeccable taste. Fortunately COVID hasn't taken that away from us. Yet.

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Pitch decks & one sheets

Our pitch materials grab attention! Usually the good kind. Each pitch deck and one sheet we create is designed specifically with the tone and style of each project in mind. No templates, no cut and paste allowed! 

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Have an idea that you want to bring to life? We specialize in story analysis, script editing and general advice on bringing your story to market. Hey! If we love it, we may even add it to our slate of projects and beat our heads against a brick wall on your behalf!

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