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The Gault Shop is a feature film and television development company located in Portland, Oregon. Owned and operated by Jacqueline Gault, whose super power is developing and acquiring amazing material. From developing a kernel of a concept into a steampunk-inspired world with a strong female role model, to acquiring scripts from award-winning and much sought-after writers, Jacqueline thrives in "development hell" - the world where everything (and nothing) is possible.


Her ancillary super power is marketing. After spending over 15 years working for in-house marketing departments for major brands and boutique ad agencies with a quirky mix of clients, Jacqueline Gault ventured into the world of filmmaking and quickly made a name for herself by creating award winning content and producing original online programming.


Jacqueline has found a unique space within the film industry, able to both help develop projects from a creative perspective, and analyze the business approach as it applies to marketing and distribution. Jacqueline brings to the table a wealth of marketing knowledge and a passion for filmmaking.


Jacqueline is a member of the Producer's Guild of America.

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