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Screenplay by Jeff Blyth, based on the book "Invasion of the Blue Lights" by Ruth Glick

Produced by James WilderHancock

Executive Producer Jacqueline Gault


Genre:  Alien-Discovery Sci-Fi Adventure


When 13-year-old Aaron Stanley witnesses a pair of dueling blue lights crash in the forest behind his home on the Fourht of July in 1959, he finds himself at the center of an intergalactic war with the fate of mankind resting in his hands. 


It’s the Fourth of July, 1959, and young Aaron Stanley witnesses what he believes to be an aerial battle between two UFOs. The dueling blue lights whiz through the air before crashing to the ground in the nearby forest. Aaron discovers one of the alien ships and meets its pilot, a shape-shifting alien named Lotse who identifies himself as a galactic peace officer.  Lotse requests Aaron’s help locating the other crashed vessel so that he may arrest the dangerous criminal that he has been chasing across space. But when Aaron sets out to find the second ship, he’s shocked when its pilot, Tyr, also claims to be a galactic peace officer.  Aaron is forced to decide which of the aliens is the cop and which is the criminal intent on exploiting Earth for a hostile takeover. Because both of these aliens have the power to appear as anyone at anytime, Aaron doesn’t know who to trust. He reluctantly enlists help from an uncertain source: two bullies who have tormented Aaron for years and the school misfits who are usually their victims. For Aaron, it’s not just a matter of preventing an alien invasion of Earth, it’s personal:  one of the aliens holds his mother hostage.

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