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Written by Jane C. Rosen

Produced by Jacqueline Gault


Genre:  Enrivonmental Dramedy


Kate McMinton is a much sought-after GMO biologist, who has just landed her most challenging contract. But when her house goes up in flames, the vital test seedlings go up right along with it.


Freaked out, she not only needs to recreate the samples, but she needs a place to live. Her lab partner, Glen, and his roommate, Pamela, offer a temporary solution: a cottage on Pamela's parents' biodynamic vineyard.


Kate, a certified city girl, is totally unprepared for life on the farm. Plus, the cottage is a disaster and Pamela's father, Frank, despises GMOs. But when Kate discovers that Frank is emotionally invested in getting vines from his Italian heritage to grow in Oregon soil, and is losing the farm in the process, she can't resist trying to fix it. Kate and Frank duke it out, challenging each other with their own brand of science.


At the same time, Isabella, Frank's wife, is constantly going into town, leaving Kate and Frank alone with their stubborn power struggle, until late night disputes become increasingly intimate, and they are overpowered by their desire for each other.  Their world explodes when Pamela discovers them together, but a stunning revelation from Isabella just might be the twist that delivers a happy ending for everyone involved.

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