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Written by Dana Speer

Produced by Jacqueline Gault


Genre: Half Hour Family Comedy, Supernatural/Superhero Origin Story


When the girl bully at his new middle school makes him feel like an alien, 11-year-old Jake Galloway must get a grip on his budding superpowers before she takes over the world.


11-year-old Jake Galloway is just trying to blend in at his new middle school. So there couldn’t be a worse time to find out he’s a superhero.


Of course, Jake always knew he had a powerful imagination, but now he realizes his imagination is a power. In other words, he has the ability to manifest whatever he envisions. Jake creates reality. If he sees himself as a ninja warrior, for example, then those are the skills he possesses. A gifted showman? Vegas could be calling any minute.


Sky’s the limit. Except there’s a glitch. Jake’s power is only as focused as he is. If his mind tiptoes to, say, a rainy escape from school, well there go the cafeteria sprinklers all over the beans and wieners. So now, at an age when imagination can run roughshod over daily life, Jake has to be very careful what he wishes for.


And what he wants more than anything is to stop Tommi, a girl bully at his new school who, small world, seems to have a few superpowers of her own. She can control the minds and actions of anyone using a particular smartphone technology developed by her corporate titan father. And since his company is becoming a global leader, Tommi’s just cutting her teeth in middle school on her way to world domination.


The only thing standing in her way is Jake and a motley gang of talented—but superpower-free—outcasts who are going to need every last weapon in their arsenal of abilities. For, unknown to the rest of humanity, the fate of the planet now rests in the warring clutches of middle-schoolers.

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