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Tess One Sheet 2019.png


Developed by Jacqueline Gault & Larry Starke

Pilot Screenplay by Larry Starke


Genre: 60-minute family drama


TESS THE INVENTOR is a time travel action/adventure series for families, featuring a brilliant young female protagonist with Asperger’s. A mechanical savant, Tess is a gifted inventor that speaks the language of machines. She is a precocious genius, with a photographic memory
and a kinship to science. She “thinks in pictures” and processes
the world accordingly...differently.

Set in an alternate universe, where a patchwork quilt of locations from alternate realities have merged together into one fractured world: a German castle, urban New Zealand, rural Nevada, and a Russian factory all converge into one location, and people from as far back as 1898 co-mingle with present-day inhabitants.

Alone in a strange and scary world, she builds and programs a robot companion, Electric Bob. He is everything that she isn’t: social, humorous and personable. He is her emotional support ‘bot.

She has suffered great loss in her short life - first losing her parents, and then her mentor Nikola Tesla - Tess is understandably guarded and has a hard time asking for help.

Yet there is too much at stake for Tess to give up. What began as a journey to find her family, becomes a mission  to save the Universe.


TESS is a thrilling adventure with a steampunk aesthetic, sci-fi concepts and skewed historical figures, while also serving as an inspiration for young girls who desire to pursue science. We wrap science into an epic adventure, with themes of heroism, cooperation, redemption, and belief in oneself.


It is up to Tess to fix the biggest threat ever to face mankind:
the complete and total destruction of the multiverse!

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