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Based on the series "The Unaltered Diamond Runner" by Lorena Angell

Produced by Jacqueline Gault, Louise Linton and Tina Sutakanat


Genre:  Supernatural Action/Adventure, Young Adult Fiction Adaptation. 


When sixteen-year-old Calli Courtnae is called upon to transport a powerful diamond to a ruthless splinter group, she discovers a secret world of humans born with supernatural powers – and constant contact with the diamond infuses Calli with the powers of all five factions. 


Earth is divided into five “hot zones”, whose cosmic energy endows each and every developing fetus with varying degrees of superhuman abilities. Those close to the cores are born with supernatural powers and placed in one of five factions: Runners, Mind-Readers, Healers, Seers, and Hunters. Those further from the hot zone might simply have a photographic memory, Olympic athletic ability, or increased intellect.


When members of each clan begin to go missing, a splinter group is blamed - the Death Clan, a group of Healers who broke away from their clan and are able to bring about the death of any living soul by willing it upon them in their presence. The Runner clan is tasked with a special delivery - the Sanguine Diamond, one of twenty-one powerful diamonds placed in secret locations throughout the world - and only 16-year-old Calli Courtnae can be trusted with the task of delivering the Diamond to the Death Clan in exchange for the missing clan members. Only a purely unaltered human - one with no powers at all - can touch the diamond. The fate of the world is in the hands of the powerless.


Constant contact with the Diamond infuses Calli with the powers of all five factions. The Runners who are chaperoning and protecting her on her mission are baffled by her sudden onslaught of powers, as no one has ever held more than one power, much less all five. Calli’s new Seer powers, however, reveal treacherous plots among her team mates - including Chris Harding, whom she has become quite fond of. Calli also sees the future of the doomed delivery, and she's determined to alter the outcome, even if it leads to her own death.

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