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Directed by George Mihalka

Written by Ivan & Edward Chapman


When five strangers wait out a storm at an isolated dwelling deep in the forest, they pass the time by sharing scary stories – but unlike traditional tales of terror, these accounts all share a common secret: each one somehow links to a different member of the group.


In this classic horror anthology five strangers hole up in a desolate refuge with no electricity or phone coverage.


To pass the time under candlelight they each tell a horror story they believe to be based on actual events except they don’t realize a connection from each of their tales is actually with them in the cabin.


A bullied girl downloads an app for her Smartphone which allows her to carry out any form of voodoo on her enemies – which she does with consequences that also affect her.


An arrogant film producer is sent a short script which describes in detail how he has murdered his girlfriend that evening even though he hasn’t. So why is her dead body talking to him from the wardrobe?


Two tourists accidentally summon and are subsequently followed by a pale young girl who turns out to be a ghost who just wants to befriend them - by showing them exactly how to die via camcorder footage, their television and their phones.


A heartbroken detective discovers an old child’s toy camera which brings to life whatever it photographs and uses it to resurrect his dead wife – unfortunately he also photographs a lot of other things by mistake.


A boarding school student finds a map in an ancient book on the Salem Witch Trials which pinpoints the final resting place of Tituba – the leader of the witches’ coven – and after finding the exact place she unearths the terrifying truth about what died there and what never died at all.


And finally when all the stories have unfolded it becomes apparent the five strangers were drawn to the cabin on purpose; they are all witches and demons and devils and they want to fight each other until there is only one remaining – but before that can happen the cabin is destroyed by the locals who know of its folklore and proving ground for fiends.

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