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Written by Larry Starke

Produced by Jacqueline Gault


Genre:  Animated half-hour comedy, retro-futuristic sci-fi adventure 


A former space captain and war hero comes out of retirement to captain the Universe's first intergalactic cruise ship – and keep the peace while serving alongside his former nemesis, a brilliant, but bumbling, scientist with his sights set on total galactic domination. 


Captain Richard Vega is the most-decorated hero in the Galaxy, having led the crew of the Battlecarrier Colossus to a stunning victory over the Cygnatian Armada ten years ago - completely by accident. The only person who knew how things really went down was his wife, and she died in the final battle. Now the Colossus has been refitted as The Deep Space Princess, the first Interstellar Cruise Liner and Vega is dragged out of seclusion by his son, Seth, and his sponsor, PensiCola.​

When the Ship starts showing symptoms of PTSD and the Crew's personnel files reveal they've had more than their share of diplomatic incidents, Vega suspects something more sinister is afoot. He discovers that his nemesis and navigator, Dr. Lucius Bravo, is in league with the mysterious Lord Orion, who plans to start a new war in his quest for Galactic Domination. But when Vega is seen having one too many conversations with his dead wife and the Ship's Doc accidentally turns an entire Antaran tour group into Space Monkeys, he's relieved of both his duty and his PensiCola sponsorship. The final insult - Dr. Bravo gets promoted to Captain.


Lord Orion overplays his advantage and is revealed to be a damaged personality backup of Vega's wife who is seeking revenge against the Cygnatians for killing her, and against Vega for having "way too much fun" after she was dead. Vega convinces Dr. Bravo that he's being duped and together they defeat 'Lord Orion'. Everything looks pretty wrapped up until they notice they're orbiting Cygnatia and the entire Cygnatian Armada is surrounding The Deep Space Princess. With the help of Doc's Space Monkeys, they defeat the Armada and Vega regains the Captaincy. And all the free PensiCola he can drink.

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