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New Book Adaptation in the Works - The Eulogist

It seems that everyone is on the hunt for the next big book adaptation, and I am proud to add a third literary property to our development slate - a fabulous crime drama called THE EULOGIST, based on the book by the same name by author Liz McKinney Johnson.

Liz is a brilliant author who has created a complex character in Charlie Sanders, the book's protagonist. A peculiar man with a tragic back story that leads him to an even more peculiar hobby: delivering eulogies at the funerals of complete strangers. Innocent enough on the surface, but when Charlie gives the wrong eulogy at the wrong funeral, he uncovers a conspiracy of money, drugs and murder.

I wrangled one of my very favorite screenwriters to pen the adaptation, Larry Starke, and am beyond thrilled to read how he adapts this complex and tangled world for the screen.

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